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If you love gambling, then mobile casino gambling is the thing for you. While you may see the terms “mobile gambling” and “online gambling” used interchangeably (because ultimately, you are playing on the internet), mobile gambling goes one step ahead of the latter.

Mobile Casinos

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The following is a list of benefits of mobile casino gambling:

No Physical Limitations

The introduction of online gambling was welcomed wholeheartedly by enthusiasts since they could place bets via their PCs without having to visit a casino personally. While this was a major breakthrough, mobile casino gambling goes one step ahead and allows you to play your favorite slot pokies regardless of the location. This in turn provides several advantages.

Thunderstruck 2 Mobile Pokies

For instance, you have more privacy on your mobile/smart phone/tablet than on a PC shared by other family members. Moreover, while at work, your office administration may have blocked gambling websites, but you can still play on your hand-held device!

Most importantly, mobile casino gambling will especially benefit people sitting in waiting rooms and subway and bus travelers by providing them with something interesting to do.

Play without Money

Several mobile casinos offer game versions where you can play without money. Usually, this is a preview mode that allows players to test the game before they actually sign-up. You are offered free money to play slots or other games. These play modes usually have high scores, which is another way of competing with other online players.

Wide Compatibility

Mobile casino gambling can be enjoyed on all sorts of hand-held devices and their associated platforms. Leading operating systems like Android and iOS offer great gambling apps. So for the most part, you don’t have to worry about compatibility when engaging in mobile gambling.

Pay from your Device

When playing on your device, you can make direct deposits so that cash is instantly available for placing bets. Established online casinos offer several methods of placing deposits, including paying from your mobile only. You can create a gambling account and make a deposit directly using an online payment service.

Your financial information will be stored for future use so you can easily manage your money within the game itself. Another benefit is that you can place a limit on the maximum betting amount, which will save you from the temptation of making large wagers that you can’t back up with your wallet!


Special offers are given by online casino developers to attract customers. A regular reward given by mobile gaming casinos are bonuses. These are offered to entice people to play member. Some websites offer these bonuses on your first deposit, while at other places you can earn these rewards by playing regularly or inviting others. Although you can withdraw a bonus, it is usually possible only after the amount goes through a certain amount of play.

Security Issues

Security issues are understandable since we are dealing with real money here. However, as the number of users increase, mobile casino developers are paying special attention to internet security. With technologies like SSL encryption, your financial information remains as you gamble online. This is the same level of protection that banks use to secure financial data. After from SSL encryption, you will have your own password to play online, which makes things secure to a large extent.

Non-Casino Gambling

Till now, we were only discussing the benefits of mobile casino gambling, and they are quite impressive. However, you will be happy to know that you can even gamble on regular mobile games. While casinos allow you to bet on the games of chance, you can now even place wagers on games of skill.

This move has been pioneered by Skillz, a US-based company. Consider the implications of this recent development. For one thing, avid gamers finally get a chance to earn monetary benefits on their gaming skills instead of simple high scores.

Moreover, this format of placing bets online is also bound to become popular as the level of competition will be highly stimulating. Currently, Skillz allows you to play tournaments where each participant pays a fee of $0.25, with the winner taking home the total amount.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that non-casino mobile gambling will achieve is the overall improvement in the games themselves. While online casinos earn money in the same way a real casino does, mobile gaming developers do not have such extensive options when it comes to earning revenue. Most apps are offered for free, and features like video advertisements are simply abhorred by the users.

In such a scenario, developers can focus on enhancing the gameplay and the graphics without worrying about ad revenue. Now they have a legitimate alternative (gambling on mobile games is legal in 36 states) way of making a profit on their hard work.

To sum up, now is the best time to switch to mobile gaming if you are into gambling.